New Zealand’s new investor residence programme – a reflection after 18 months

8 March 2024

In a world full of risk, New Zealand’s investor residence programme continues to offer safe options in a beautiful country a long way from the rest of the world.

Spouses (whether or not married) and dependent children can all be included in a single application.

The essential elements are:

  • A four-year investment of NZ$7.5 million (about 4.2 million euro, US$4.6 million at today’s rates) in approved managed funds or NZ$5 million in approved New Zealand businesses – there are other options and combinations. Dividends can be remitted abroad and the capital invested can be remitted at the end of the period.
  • 117 days in total in New Zealand for the principal applicant, over the four-year period.

We have become increasingly confident that while investors will always need to do their research and be well advised, the approved investment market has developed to a point where investors have options, they may become quite comfortable with.

Neither the investments themselves nor the time required in New Zealand should cause tax issues. Our market leading tax team works with Family Offices and offshore advisors to optimise investment structures. 

So, what do all applicants (spouses and dependent children) get:

  • The right to enter and live in New Zealand.
  • Residence class visas, converting to lifelong resident visas at the end of the four-year period.
  • The same rights to healthcare and education as New Zealanders.
  • Citizenship after five years of residence and after having accumulated the requisite number of days in New Zealand.

Bell Gully is a full-service law firm. We offer our clients the very best bespoke services through a dedicated immigration team with decades of experience. We provide practical guidance and sound advice in dealing with the whole immigration process as well as the many other issues that may need to be considered when making these important decisions. 

In forthcoming publications, we will discuss matters such as the characteristics of some managed funds, real estate investments and the Overseas Investment Act, the ability to borrow to fund investments, timing issues relating to the transfer and investment of funds in New Zealand, tax considerations, and more.

If you have any questions about the matters raised in this article, or if you would like to know more about the programme and how we might be able to work with you, please get in touch with the contacts listed or your usual Bell Gully adviser.

Disclaimer: This publication is necessarily brief and general in nature. You should seek professional advice before taking any action in relation to the matters dealt with in this publication.