Green terms facilitate environmentally sustainable buildings in New Zealand for landlords and tenants

Thursday 25 August 2011

‚ÄčThe Green Lease Schedule has been designed to provide guidance clauses on how landlords and tenants can go about making their buildings more environmentally sustainable, as well as setting out the basic legal scheme to ensure green outcomes.

Internationally, landlords and tenants are being required by policy, legislation and regulations to reduce carbon emissions and improve environmental performance. While the New Zealand market is familiar with requiring green principles to be reflected at the design and build phase of a development, there has been very little provision in the past for green principles to be reflected in lease documents. The Green Lease Schedule illustrates a fair balance between the tenant's and landlord's interests and it is hoped the plan will assist in overcoming the current disconnection felt between design and build personnel and building managers to operate buildings in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Click here to download the Green Lease Schedule.


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