Crown Minerals Act Review - Bell Gully Submission

Monday 7 May 2012

​Bell Gully has made its submission on the proposed reforms to the Crown Minerals Act.

The proposed reforms are an important opportunity to review the Act and broader regime for the allocation and management of Crown-owned minerals and are significant for the continuing development of New Zealand's natural resources base and the economic opportunities associated with such development. Key proposals in the discussion paper include:

  • developing a front-end process to ensure companies' health, safety and environmental capabilities are well known as they enter the permitting process;

  • ensuring regulatory efforts are proactive, co-ordinated and focus on operations that have the highest technical and geological complexity, and that generate the bulk of royalty income;

  • developing a pragmatic, streamlined management regime for low-risk activities associated with minerals like industrial rocks and alluvial gold; and

  • improving dialogue concerning the Crown Minerals Act regime between regulatory agencies, iwi and other important stakeholders.

You can read our submission here.​​


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