COVID-19 Alert Level 4: practical tips for businesses

With New Zealand now on lockdown under Alert Level 4, we look at some of the practical issues that businesses will need to consider.

​​​​A summary of key questions are listed below:

​Are you an essential business?


Unless you are an essential business or one that supports them, you must close your premises.

The line between essential and non-essential businesses is not always clear.

Are tenants required to ​​pay rent?

Some (but not all) leases contain rent abatement clauses that may allow a tenant to avoid paying rent if they have been required to close their premises.

The precise requirements of these clauses differ between leases. 

Will insuranc​​e apply?

Review your policies carefully. However in most cases there will be an exclusion for notifiable or infectious diseases.

What are the employ​ment implications?

Essential businesses and businesses operating with employees at home should continue to pay employees in the ordinary way.

The law is not clear for non-essential businesses whose premises are closed and whose employees cannot work from home.

Is government support availa​​ble?

We set out details in our article below of the government support packages that are available.​

Read the full article here: COVID-19 Alert Level 4:​ practical tips for b​usinesses - 27 March 2020​

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