Auckland's 30 year plan to open for consultation - have your say in Auckland's future

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Authors: Andrew Beatson, Sarah Anderton and Mike Campbell

​​​​​In December the Auckland Council Planning Committee approved the Draft Auckland Plan (the Draft Plan) for consultation. This will replace the previous Auckland Plan and provides the comprehensive, long-term strategy for Auckland's growth and development over the next 30 years. 

The Draft Plan identifies the key challenges for Auckland including population growth, the sharing of prosperity and reducing environmental degradation. To face these challenges, the Draft Plan sets out intended outcomes in:

  • belonging and participation,

  • Māori identity and wellbeing,

  • homes and places,

  • transport and access,

  • environment and cultural heritage, and

  • opportunity and prosperity.

Each outcome has a number of directions and focus areas intended to achieve that outcome.

Access to Housing

​The Draft Plan reflects the previous Auckland Plan in seeking to accelerate the construction of homes within a quality, compact urban form. However, it also provides a shift in focus to the need to improve the quality, diversity and security of tenure available in the rental market. This is particularly important to provide for the increasing number of long-term renters and to address the challenges which will arise in accommodating Auckland's aging population.

Transport choices

The creation of a transport system which integrates with land use and establishes genuine travel choices is a focus of the Draft Plan. This involves making better use of existing transport networks, targeting new transport investment, maximising the benefits arising from transport technology and encouraging walking, cycling and public transport as preferred mode choices for more Aucklanders. Passenger rail connections between Auckland, Hamilton, and the Bay of Plenty are also explored. 

​Strategic focus

The Draft Plan includes a Development Strategy which recognises that these improvements often require substantial public investment and significant lead times. The focus is therefore on development within "live zoned" areas and rural growth towns where infrastructure already exists or can more readily be established. 

Consultation on the Draft Plan will commence on 28 February 2018 after the launch of an online interactive version. Submissions close at 5pm on Wednesday 28 March.


This publication is necessarily brief and general in nature. You should seek professional advice before taking any action in relation to the matters dealt with in this publication.

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