Trusts, asset and estate planning

Our trust specialists will ensure that your objectives can be achieved with solutions tailored to meet your needs.

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​​Trusts have for a long time been useful vehicles including to hold assets, to protect assets, as a means of providing for the needs of future generations, to separate business assets from private assets, to separate assets not intended to be jointly owned by people in a relationship, to hold assets for a wide group of beneficiaries, and to undertake charitable work.

If you already have an involvement with a trust and you are planning to migrate to or from New Zealand then there may be important tax considerations that you should know about. All of our trust specialists are also tax specialists able to give you important tax advice. We provide advice on trust governance matters, including preparation of trustee resolutions and related documentation.

We regularly advise numerous charitable trusts including Habitat for Humanity, New Zealand Special Air Services, GoodmanFilederCares, Diocesan School, Maori Trusts, and YWCA. 

Should you or your organisation need assistance on contentious trust matters, we are also able to assist when disputes arise.

Ownership structuring
Advising both local and international clients on asset ownership structuring.

Advising clients on the formation of trusts for personal asset planning, and advising on restructuring and resettlement of existing trusts.

International trust advice
Advising international clients on establishing New Zealand trusts to hold their international assets.

Wills and estate administration
Drafting wills and assisting in the administration of deceased estates. We also advise on and prepare enduring powers of attorney for clients to assist in the event of incapacity.

Relationship property and other family matters
Advise clients on relationship property issues and prepare “contracting out” agreements. We act on relationship property disputes for clients and focus on providing practical, solution-oriented advice. Where needed we liaise with specialist barristers on behalf of clients, for example in child custody matters. We assist in managing that process efficiently and sensitively.

Charities and incorporated societies
Advise charities and not for ​profit organisations on the establishment of charitable trusts and incorporated societies, the governance of those entities, registration and tax exemptions and the duties of trustees and board members.

Conveyancing and other property matters​​
Assist clients in range of property transactions, working with our property team, ​from buying or selling a family home or bach to more complex subdivisions, land developments and leasing arrangements. Our team includes a dedicated residential conveyancing specialist.​

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