Almost all of our partners and lawyers summer clerked with the firm. It is a great way to start your career too.

Will I be involved in real legal work?

Absolutely. Our programme is based on involving you in the work we do. You will spend time in three of our legal departments from day one, working closely with our solicitors and partners. The experience you will gain from working in three legal practice areas will allow you to make the important choice about which department you would like to start your career in.

"The most exciting bit of work I was involved in was helping to prepare for a court hearing where millions of dollars was at stake for the client. Suffice to say they were very pleased with the outcome!" Emily McGeorge, summer clerk 2016/2017.

Does any other firm do this?

Our leadership programme and the three department rotations are unique to Bell Gully.

“Having three rotations was really beneficial. As someone who didn’t really know what a commercial law firm did, being able to experience three different teams was a great way to learn about the different areas and how they interact with each other.” Elle Scurr, summer clerk 2016/2017.

How does the summer clerk programme fit into the overall career progression of staff?

Summer clerking at Bell Gully is the first step in your career with us. From day one we start to invest in you. You'll begin to learn the skills which you will continue to develop through your career. We will identify the knowledge and skills you will need to develop over time and our excellent training programme will help get you there. If later you want to travel and work overseas, we'll help you with introductions and keep in touch with you through our alumni programme.

"Bell Gully has a real commitment to supporting and training its summer clerks, whether that’s through an extensive induction and training, the leadership programme, or mentoring from buddy’s and partners." Min Kyu Jung,  summer clerk 2016/2017.

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