The Bell Gully Scholarship consists of a contribution of up to NZ$15,000 towards tuition fees and automatic inclusion into our Summer clerk programme.

​​​​​​The Bell Gully Scholarship was launched in 2012 and has been a fantastic addition to our graduate offerings, further supporting the development of the next generation of New Zealand’s leading lawyers. Applications are open to all second and third year law school students (200-level).​

As a Bell Gully Scholar you are guaranteeing your future. You will be part of a select few, and have access to solicitors at New Zealand’s leading law firm for mentoring and guidance throughout your degree and well into your professional career. You will join a group of young professionals and will have a competitive advantage.

Bell Gully Scholar​​ship p​​ackage

  • Up to NZ$15,000 ove​r the course of your academic programme.

  • A summer clerkship during university summer holidays, at the end of your penultimate year at University. Successful participation will lead you to a place in our Law clerk programme at the end of your study.

  • Work experience during semester breaks, by way of job shadowing.

  • Access to our research library, during semester for extra assistance with research for assignments and as an alternative, quiet place to study.

  • A senior mentor to support and guide you during your academic studies and transition into the professional environment.